August 3, 2008

August 2, 2008

May 26, 2006


    Will be up on myspace momentarily. But as of right now, here are some clips from the Visual FX Studio.

    What you will see makes up only a small percentage of the entire Visual FX of The Gene Generation.

    CITY OF OLYMPIA – A test render with temp texture of the city of Olympia where the movie takes place

    WALLS OF DEMETER – Quick shade and wire maps. A new world and city created by the Kalafkan government to house only the best citizens with the best genes.

    AEREANN FLYER – Quick shade and wire maps. The Transportational system of Olympia, for transporting people out of Olympia to Demeter.

    MICHELLE’S APARTMENT – Quick shade and wire maps. This building was created for one shot where Michelle kicks a guy out of the window from the top floor and the camera follows the guy as he falls down, blood and debris flying past the cameras.

    So here it is. Enjoy, leave a comment and tell us what you think! :)

April 24, 2006


    So we finally broke down the elements for the sound design for The Gene Generation. Me and Lisa Fowle will spend the next months designing the sound that you will hear in the movie. Lisa Fowle has worked in every film with me and she singlehandedly has been responsible for my success. Without her sound, a film will be nothing more than a collage of images.

    As we wait for the renderings to come back from WWFX, and fine tuning the edits, Lisa will begin by designing all the ambient sounds for the movie. Sounds like what does the city of Olympia sound like in the day and night, what will it sound like in the beginning of the movie and at the end. Of course, I wanted to city to sound like Dante’s Inferno, so expect to hear sounds of people moaning, babies crying, animals dying. After all, I believe that in this post apocalyptic movie, there is no silence in the aftermath.

    So here’s how the studio that I will be spending a lot of time will look like. Pay attention to how comfy the couch is as I will be sleeping there and drooling all over it pretty soon.

    Of course, it’s all messy. When I walk into any room, nothing stays in order for long. That’s why I don’t drink caffeine, otherwise I’ll be climbing all over the walls :P Keep you updated more soon :)

    Gene Generation is slowly gaining a cult audience. I’m so happy for everybody’s help in promoting it. Our myspace page is delightfully successful!

    And thanks to everybody who has been promoting The Gene Generation on myspace and their websites. I know I’m such a whore, but for those who have not, pimp it out for me by putting it on your webspace. I would greatly appreciate it :)

    Copy the text below to place the Combichrist video clip into your page. Copy it anywhere into your profile editor

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April 11, 2006


    To celebrate 10,000 sign ups for our Gene Generation Fansite (Click Here), We’re gonna make some Gene Generation T-shirts. Thinking about using my tattoo as the back logo for the T-shirt

    Should we make baby tees as well? I’m only saying it cause I would totally take that, snip it off and make something I can wear out of it :P But if anyone will wear it, I’ll get some made. I’ll be giving out the shirts at a special promo party in Los Angeles. But I might consider sending some overseas since most of our fans aren’t from US. I can’t give one to everybody…

    How should I choose ?????????? :(


    .p.s. Post in our myspace site so I can update you on how to get it as well. I won’t check here so you’ll have to click on the ‘WHO WANTS A GENE GENERATION T-SHIRT’ link in the Blog section. Subscribe to it if you have myspace (it’s free) otherwise it’s a first come first serve basis

March 26, 2006


    So we finally wrapped the Combichrist Music Video shoot. All in all, the shoot went really well. As you can tell from my previous blogs, that we had a lot of inexperienced people on set. Particularly with a production scale bigger than what they are used to. But that’s all part of being in the film industry, everyday you push yourself to bigger things and grow in the process.

    Everybody did pretty good, they definitely learned a lot of things and were keen to learn. Had the chance to work with some new faces, and old faces from The Gene Generation as well. speaking of which, here is a picture taken of me and Andy (Combichrist) by my business partner / twin brother Chad Michael Ward (Only our moms can tell us apart).

    You can click here to see more pictures of the actual shoot

    All in all, we had some very interesting move up. Dana and Shawn have moved up to Assistant Directors in the music video shoot and they did amazingly well. They ran the whole floor with efficiency and precision. Although Shawn is just a dork most of the times, when it comes down to the job, he’s got the chops for it.

    Chad Michael Ward stepped up to deliver his usual dementia to design the whole set. With baby incubators and oxygen masks attached to alcohol bottles, fences and broken mannequins, Chad had his touch screaming all over the music video. I cannot wait till he has his feature film debut as a director. Watch for him :)

    The Music Video will be released in due time, together with all new clips from The Gene Generation. The music will be used in an actual fight scene of the movie. And yes, we will be including the music video in the actual DVD of The Gene Generation as well.

    Also, we managed to squeeze in one actual day for Chad to shoot his infamous Painbox stills. Watch out for his website at for those new pics which he will upload once he finishes the touch ups.

    Special Thanks to Combichrist for everything. They have been amazing, troopers in the music video which was an inspiration to everybody on set. Despite the demented front, these guys work hard with no ego and with total focus and concentration.